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Monster 74
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Monster 73
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Monster 72
CRC: [E3711B4C]
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Monster 71
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Monster 70
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07.11.2008 - 2:32 PM Posted by LoreOfSerpents
Look, a news post!

First, a note to those who are wondering if we're dead. Well, I can't guarantee that Monster was our last project, but we're also not jumping around looking for something new. So, I can neither confirm nor deny any rumors about our activity level (or lack thereof).

Second, there STILL seems to be some debate about whether or not Monster is licensed. Don't be silly. It's even showing up on English voice actors' resumes.

It was a good run (75 episodes full of crazy German and Czech interjections, plot twists, and references to things that happened much earlier in the series), but it's time to put the beast to bed. It's okay. There's lots of other anime out there for you to watch until the DVDs are available.

We hope you enjoyed watching Monster as much as we enjoyed working on it! 

03.15.2006 - 11:53 AM Posted by phaze-
I have applied some new anti-spam techniques to our forums which has allowed me to remove the massive bans I had applied to try to prevent it (which it didn't even make a dent in). These new techniques should block atleast 99% of the spams if not more.

03.05.2006 - 8:22 PM Posted by phaze-
Ok well we've been getting alot of spam in our forums. We've tried switching to an authentication image but that only seems to have slowed them down a little. Most of these spams come from the 80-89.*.*.* Class A IP range so untill PHPBB get's a more secure way of locking these spammers out I've gone and blocked all Class A's in the 80 range. This will likely effect a few real users however these blocks are typically used for Countries other than the US. IE: Alot of them were coming from Itally. If you really need to get in touch with us and this ban effects you you can get in touch with us via irc or possibly email.

Ok well I just realized one of our forum admins is from finland and his ip is actually in one of those class A's.. so instead of banning all of those I only banned the class A's that had spam from them. Which are the 80, 82, 83, and 85 class A's. Our finland admin's ip is in the 81 Class A. I know we've got atleast a few other finland users so hopefully they aren't banned either.

01.29.2006 - 9:32 PM Posted by HKenshin
So in case you bitches (see, I've taken it to heart!) didn't notice, we finished Monster. When we started this show, I know a lot of people didn't expect us to finish. It was understandable. Hell I think a lot of the staff thought we'd never finish either. But we did. We proved all you bitch unbelievers wrong! So this is where we say thanks for watching and patiently waiting. We hope you enjoyed this fantastic show, because we really enjoyed working on it.

In case you're curious who you should be grateful to, I've made a list:

Translation: {Seiya} and Popo
Editing and QC: LordBrian, Otaru, and LoreOfSerpents
Timing: Xombie and Petit-Yogi
Encoding and Typesetting: HKenshin and LFS
FFXI: Liwei and Akari (Still)
WoW: phaze-

Also a special thanks to BeMPe for helping with a lot of the german names and checking them against the german manga releases. And thanks to MSH for his german references as well.

Here's some special thanks from Otaru:

<@Otaru> "Thank you Jolt Cola for waking up the lazy French"
<@Otaru> "Thank you Geritol for keeping Otaru alive long enough to finish the series"
<@Otaru> "Thank you women of Seattle for not keeping Xombie overly distracted"
<@Otaru> "Thank you extended warranties for allowing LordBrian enough pay to afford an internet account"

I think he would have said more, but his arthritis prevents him from typing much. In his place, I should thank ratemykitten for keeping Lore sane and kirby for keeping {Seiya} puft. And WoW for keeping phaze- dumb. LFS and I don't need anything to keep us badass though.

Before people ask about the 2 part special; we will not be subbing it. There was no interest amongst the staff to sub a 2 hour and 45 minute recap. Just watch the show again :D

So now that we've got a big long series out of the way, it might be time for us to focus on some of our other shows. Maybe. >.> Anyway, I've got some interior coordinating to do. In the kitchen. Later bitches.

12.27.2005 - 04:07 AM Posted by HKenshin
I've been told that our news postings lack the flavor of other groups such as Triad's. Specifically, the lack of "bitches" was mentioned. I'll try to rectify that.

If you bitches haven't noticed we released another episode of TGQ after forever and a day. Since about episode 24 we've been releasing widescreen encodes from the region 2 dvds which a staff member shelled out lots of bitches for. We have the dvds for the rest of the series and rest assured, we're actually hard at work on it, bitches. So don't cry like a hurt school girl. Or a junior detective that's been locked in a basement prison and bitten. Though I bet some of you would like that. Sickos. No promises when we'll release more, but 27 was quite the cliffhanger and we don't want to keep you waiting too long. Even if you are bitches. Which reminds me of Kyu's "If a detective gives up, the case will go unsolved" motivational speech he loves to give. So don't give up on us. We promise to finish before Anime-Kisaten finishes HunterXHunter. Honest. But while you're waiting, you should enjoy yourself some Monster. ~Nina.

04.18.2005 - 01:36 AM Posted by LoreOfSerpents
Well, the QC test is over! So those of you who didn't complete it, stop poking me to send you the next part of the test. >.< The participants have been sent the results, and I'm tired of grading, so leave me alone. :P

04.17.2005 - 4:29 PM Posted by Xombie
This isn't really Soldats news, per se but anime news. I'm told that some people bug the other ops about XombieSub news - what's going on? Where's Xombie? Is it done yet? Why does that bastard keep lying? Etc... Well, I'm still working on it. Daily, in fact. Coming along nicely. I've made a recent update to the Project Page so you can check out the little bit there. There's even an email address hidden somewhere in there. Now y'all can stop bothering Lore et al. The bees are testy...

04.01.2005 - 12:59 AM Posted by LoreOfSerpents
I'm opening up a Quality Checker test to see if there is anyone who is both interested in helping out with some of the stuff I do for Soldats and qualified to do the job well. Details are available in the forum here.

02.23.2005 - 3:44 PM Posted by phaze-
Batched up episodes 33-36 of Monster and episodes 21-24 of TGQ. Enjoy.

Note: If you need to know how to resume your individual downloads with the new batches please check previous news posts.

01.28.2005 - 01:31 AM Posted by phaze-
Just batched up Monster Eps 29-32. As usual the single torrents for these files have been removed. If you were downloading one read one of the older news posts for a tip on how to resume your download using the batch.

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